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May 2009
Volume I, Issue VII

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Facebook "10 Random Things About Me" List, By Gary Ransdell

    1. My last name means “wild garlic” in Middle English
    2. I considered changing the university’s name to “Harverd”
    3. Students think I’m honest with them
    4. I wear an article of red clothing, or have some part of me painted red, at all times
    5. I am a DJ at Revolution 91.7, but I won’t say which one
    6. As an Army journalist in the early 1960s, I became fed up with stifling bureaucracy and the status-quo and embraced the drug counterculture. I spent many years doing LSD and chronicling American fear, loathing and hypocrisy in Rolling Stone magazine and essay collections.
    7. I inhaled once and enjoyed it. The same day I kissed a man by accident and didn’t enjoy it
    8. I wear “Big Red” thong underwear
    9. The rules of college football are a complete mystery to me
    10. Bowling Green is the least interesting town in Warren County, in my opinion








Smoke up


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