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April 2009
Volume I, Issue VII

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  • Citing Poor Attendance, Losing Record, Drain on Campus Funds, Ransdell Announces Football Stadium to be Demolished, Replaced with Classroom Space

  • To Improve Cash Flow, Dorm Toilets to be Coin-Operated On “Pay As You Go” System

  • Campus Christians Rally to Support Right to Life, Sanctity of Capital Punishment

  • New Research Concludes Student Success Chances Maximized by Avoiding Student Success Center

  • The Western™ Bookstore to Sell Books Along With Apparel

  • PIE Grant Award Announced: $3,000 to "Engaging the Scholarship of Engagement: Quantifying the Quality of Engaged Students Engaging Engaged Service Learning." Primary Investigator(s): Academic Affairs

  • News Flash: Big Coal Targets The Hill for Mountaintop Removal

  • ESPN Declares Big Red “Most Obese Mascot” Based on BMI. Regents to Consider "Skinny Red"

  • President Ransdell Learning to Play Fiddle






Smoke up


In This Issue:

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Facebook "10 Random Things About Me" List by Gary Ransdell . . . More>

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Outside WorldIs Jim Bunning Dead? "Don't Ask Don't Tell" Revoked, "You're Gay, You're OK" Instituted . . . More>

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