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April, 2010
Volume II, Issue 6

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Ransdell Expresses Confidence in McDonald
In a recent story in the Bowling Green Daily News, President Ransdell expressed his full support for beleaguered basketball coach Ken McDonald, saying that “he hopes McDonald is the coach at The Western™ for ‘the next 20 years’.” In other news, former football coach David Elson was heard chuckling quietly to himself.

Students Discover Big, Tall Building on Campus is Actually a Library
Students, faculty, and some staff were shocked this past week to discover that one of the taller buildings on campus is what is known in education lingo as a “library.” The structure, which has been in the same place for [however many] years, houses a large volume of printed material covering a range of subjects. These materials are meticulously organized in a manner that allows visitors to access them more easily.

Students and Faculty Protest Homo-Free Benefits Plan
For several weeks, students, faculty, and staff have held silent vigil on the steps of Wetherby to protest The Western’s™ Gay-Free Benefits Plan. Opponents of change have met silent protests with seething rage.



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The new AD arrives at the annual Red-White game.



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