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December, 2009
Volume II, Issue 3

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Do People Talk Like That In Real Life?

Dean Dean With Two First Names® of University College, taking recycling to curb: “I’ve got a really powerful vision of our goal, and the means to accomplish it. This task will be an invaluable service contribution to the community.”

Scott Stroot, Theatre and Dance Department, preparing a ham sandwich with mustard: “Weeeell, puttin’ a-too mucha mustard on that thing’ll burn your honker, man, make your nostrils rrrrrrun like the Yangtzee Rivaaah or melt like a twisted souuuuul.”

Wood Selig, Athletic Director, admiring a child’s lemonade stand, “You’ve got a gold mine here. You’ve got the resources, the talent, the facilities, and the personnel in place to go all the way.”

Gary Ransdell, President, describing his morning constitutional: “This is a critical digestive juncture, and we must stay the course and account for all the pertinent variables. We must bear down on the problem, and endeavor to persevere.”




Cut a hole in your monitor, bring it to Greener Groundz, mention Gabibbo, and get a free small pizza if you buy a large specialty one-topping pizza. Ask for pizza made by the sushi chef.

Coupon, stupid!











Smoke up
Early tests of the “Big Red Tail” colonoscopy machine on Wood Selig reveal interesting results.

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Smoke up
Alternative-treatment colonoscopy.


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