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February 2009
Volume I, Issue VI

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Announcing the Best Entries From Our “Name that Sculpture” Contest, In Which We Asked Our Readers to Name the Tall Red Sculpture Outside DUC:


  • “The Big Red Bottle Opener” via E., M., and others
  • “Abstract Sperm, Modified” via D.
  • “The Real Key to a College Degree” via J.
  • [Vulgarity Deleted] via R.
  • “The Ball-Bearer” via T.
  • [Unprintable Vulgarity] via G.R.
  •  “I Remember Mommy” via S.
  • “The Big Red Tool” Gabibbo
  • “Goat, More Goat!” via the AGR Fraternity

    Thanks to all the people who sent an entry. Some of the rest of you, whose entries we couldn’t print, need a psychological evaluation.










In This Issue:

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