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Feb, 2011
Volume III, Issue 4

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Kentucky Legislature to Defend State Against Diversity

    The Kentucky state assembly is currently considering Senate Bill 6, which would require local law enforcement to examine the immigration status of detainees.  Although SB 6 may be unconstitutional, Senator John Schickel asserted, “We must protect our citizens even if it is inconvenient, uncomfortable and costly to do so.  Plus, this is way, way easier than the comprehensive, intelligent immigration reform that pretty much everyone in the country agrees that we desperately need.”

Bill co-sponsor Senator Brandon Smith added, “This legislation does not just target a specific group of immigrants.  Rather, it targets all immigranty-looking folks.  Peace officers throughout the state will have the right, nay the obligation, to detain and question anyone of suspicious appearance, whether it be a sombrero-wearing, bandolier-festooned mustachioed Mexican clutching a bottle of tequila, a drunken red-haired Irish papist menacing the citizenry with a shillelagh, a savage African blackamoor chanting gibberish to demonic idols, or a heathen Chinaman with his long greasy queue, conical hat, and yellow skin.”

The Western™ was quick to not comment on the pending legislation. Explained one anonymous source in Wetherby, “International Reach is really mostly about reaching legal and wealthy international people who can either pay to put their kids through Navitas or can build us an institute. We’re certainly not going to stick our necks out for a bunch of poor foreigners.”

SB 6 will likely come to a vote after SB 24, which calls for a ban on bikini-clad horses along Commonwealth-maintained roadways.











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