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March, 2011
Volume III, Issue 5

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New Feature! Five Minutes With: Wren Mills

We Ask:

Wren, tell Tool readers a little bit about FaCET

She Says:

FaCET  is working with the Small Business Incubator to patent a groundbreaking Magic 8-Ball pedagogical technology. The applications are endless.    We are excited to use the sayings from the newly-patented Magic 8-Ball as ice breakers for new faculty teaching seminars. We’re also brainstorming ways to integrate them with Clicker technology.  I think synching the 8-ball with the Clickers will have important classroom applications. We’ve developed a series of seminars based on a Magic 8 Ball Teacher-Student Response Rubric. For example,  “Outlook Not So Good,” “Concentrate And Ask Again Later,” and “Better Not To Tell You Now” will have multiple applications during final exam season.



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