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March, 2011
Volume III, Issue 5

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  • p. 3.: Senate Ad-Hoc Faculty Committee gives Not-Provost Gordon Baylis a swirlie in DUC.  “Not again,” moaned Baylis.  “My hair is not yet dry from the last time!”
  • p. 14: IT to create “WKU-Toner” mailing list.
  • p. 15:  Not-Provost Baylis’ tenure revealed to be massive research project to see if faculty can pay attention.  Most faculty lost interest halfway through the project and wandered off, while picking at their collars.
  • p. 92: SGA to push for in-utero syllabus posting policy. Republicans legislation stipulates syllabi cannot be altered in-utero.
  • p. 65:  4-year study shows Commonwealth School not a fun place to work.
  • p. 35: Provost hires an assistant, Grddwthnn Wyllg.  “He’s Welsh!” enthuses Emslie.



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