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March, 2011
Volume III, Issue 5

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Pedagogical Enhancement Initiative

Following last Friday’s “Strategy Over Scotch” happy hour seminar at Tidballs, Provost Angus G. Emslie announced that graduate students and cats will teach most 100-level courses by fall 2011.  

Placing graduate students in the classroom will result in a major instructional upgrade in many science departments like Chemistry, where undergraduates are currently paid $4.10 per hour plus all the waffles they can eat to teach other undergraduates.  Efforts to reach Chemistry Department faculty for comment were referred to Pikeville junior Jill Brassington, a work-study student who performs the functions of the Chemistry department head. 

“Jill’s complete lack of office experience and training makes her a far more effective administrator than our actual department head,” explained Bronson Blanco, a Gatton Academy student who coordinates Chemistry’s academic advising and tenure review.

The innovative use of felines marks yet another way that The Western™ is breaking new ground in the science of teachology as “A Leading Warren County (Kentucky) University With Tri-County Reach.”  This developing partnership with the Warren County Humane Society also illustrates yet another way in which The Western™ is integrating and engaging the expanded Bowling Green community. “Service learning was never so furry!” commented Jaqueline Falmouth, pre-vet major.



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