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March, 2011
Volume III, Issue 5

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Provost Interviewed by Prestigious Leadership Journal GQ

In an exclusive joint interview with the peer-reviewed journal Scottish Leadership Quarterly and GQ Magazine, Provost Angus G. Emslie, with hair artfully tousled and clad in a rumpled suit, explained his new, Scottish-inspired management style.

Emslie’s “Rab Nesbittian” approach calls for passing off, or “devolving,” most of his position’s duties and responsibilities to subordinates. “The tiller requires a light hand in stormy waters.  And calmer ones, for that matter,” explained the metaphor-mixing Provost from his Wetherby office recliner, gesturing expansively with his glass of neat Loch Dhu single-malt scotch.  “The ‘invisible hand’ of leadership will guide the direction of this Administration, wherever that may lead.”

To date, the Provost has delegated decision-making authority on budgets, curriculum matters, public outreach, legislative advocacy, necktie/collared shirt pairing, and personnel management to others. “The most important thing is to keep my day clear of actual work in case something worthy of my attention should arise,” concluded Emslie. “Usually Oxford Gordon tells me when I need to pay attention to something.”

“He seems kind of lazy to me,” wondered an unnamed instructor in Health Sciences. “But perhaps I just can’t fathom the deep mysteries of Old World administrative techniques.”




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