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May, 2009
Volume I, Issue VIII

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Top The Western™ Administrators, Regents Meet to Watch Year-End "Bloopers" Reel

An undercover reporter for the Big Red Tool, posing as an audiovisual technician, recently infiltrated a showing of a “highlights” film of the 2008-2009 academic year. The Academic Council and Board of Regents were in attendance.

President Ransdell, acting as emcee, showed a variety of comedy clips in which faculty and staff wasted their time strenuously debating issues that had been decided months or years in advance.

The audience roared with laughter at the naïve, earnest looks on the faces of staff and faculty as they protested The Western’s™ $250,000-per-year lease of spaces in the still-unbuilt downtown parking garage.

“Look, look, they REALLY think they have a chance at changing our minds,” scoffed Larry Zielke. “Man, they fall for it every single time,” chortled Deborah Wilkins, wiping tears from her eyes.

The audience reacted with raucous laughter to scenes from recent faculty and staff budget forums, as the hidden camera zoomed in on the concerned faces of those in attendance. “Isn’t it cute how they just keep hanging on to hope up until the very end? I mean, some of them seriously believed they had a chance at getting a raise this year,” commented Lois Gray.

“Haw haw, those eggheads sure are stupid,” added Regent Yevette Haskins.




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