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May, 2010
Volume II, Issue 7

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Stop The Presses! Board of Regents to Be Expanded

Citing the lack of a “clear voice” and “inadequate representation from the diverse campus community,” the The Western™ President Gary Ransdell announced that he would add seventeen new members to the Board of Regents. This will bring the total number of Regents to twenty-eight.

Recent matters in which dissenting votes were cast, such as the university’s decision to provide welfare payments to the Bowling Green TIF district, have injured the Board’s credibility, explained Dr. Ransdell. “Without a decisive chorus of assent, the democratic system of university governance is demeaned in my subjects’ eyes.”

The absence of Board representation for the Administrative Council and Athletics has been particularly counterproductive. To redress this imbalance, Athletic Director Röß Björk, Navitas® liaison Dean Kahler, and Chief of Staff Deborah Wilkins have been granted nineteen-year appointments to the Board.

New members will also include six SAE fraternity brothers, two former Big Red mascots, Ken Hunt, President of A&K Construction of Paducah, labrador retrievers “Spirit” and “Master,” and Julie Ransdell (two votes).



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