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May, 2010
Volume II, Issue 7

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Campus Happenings

The Department of Modern Languages recently offered to assist in “the creation of language/culture courses for communication” in any field. The Big Red Tool has obtained a working draft of courses to be offered in the fall:

  • Spanish for Hungry People: “Quiero Dos Esteak Tacos Please Favor.” Extra Credit: Polite Interactions with Mariachi Bands (Susann Davis and Paco)
  • “Ain’t” in 40 Languages: The Art of No (Karin Egloff)
  • Shouting Orders at Lazy, Running-Dog Factory Workers Who Don’t Speak English—(ICSET Director Wei-Ping Pan)
  • German Grammar: The Reich and the Wrong Way (Laura McGee)
  • Super Saturdays: Mein Day Kampf - Catch Phrases For Teens East Of The Iron Curtain
  • Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Reich: How to Get Along With Neighboring Countries (Beth Plummer, Laura McGee)
  • Qui a Piqué Mon Fromage: French for Kentucky Business Majors
  • Fetchez La Vâche: Understanding British Comedy (Eddie Cuisinier)
  • Administrative Communication: “Awa’ An’ Bile Yer Heid Ya Daftie” (Angus Emslie)
  • Underpants, Shoes, and Bombs: Key Yemeni Phrases for TSA Employees (Robert Deane)



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Oral Arguments
Oral Arguments in ISCET Lawsuit to be Relocated from Warren County Court

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