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October, 2009
Volume II, Issue 2



College of Business Proposes New
Gen Ed Language Requirement

Several members from the Gordon Ford College of Business last week proposed a new Gen Ed language class for business majors as part of the curriculum reforms designed to strengthen the undergraduate experience at The Western™.

Called “Shouting a Bit Louder In English,” the course will be aimed at business majors hoping to work in foreign countries.

“Look, we all know that those people really can understand us. They fake it though. If you talk a bit louder, they'll understand.” explained Dean Tallon, “And because English is the language of international business, this should cover what they need.”

The initiative met with some resistance in the University Comma Committee, when some members argued that the course’s proposed “Two Weeks of Grunting and Shrugging with Annoyance” learning module was not adequate to transform malleable, naïve business students into “Ugly Americans.”

Compromise was finally reached when members agreed to study abroad credit for visiting Disney’s Epcott Center.





Smoke up
An “internal audit” reveals the funding source for Dean Kahler and Wood Selig’s raises.

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Smoke up
While shopping for Mickey Mouse ashtrays at Flealand artist Matt Tullis unearthed an early study of Grant Wood’s iconic “American Gothic.” Scholars of American art were astonished to discover that a youthful Barbara Burch and Jedediah Bodine Smiley, III, grandfather of the current SGA President, were the models for the classic painting.


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