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Sept, 2010
Volume III, Issue 1

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The Western™ Launches “Kentucky Is the World Initiative” for International Service Learning

In a bold move meant to kick-start its QEP goals, The Western™ has launched its “Kentucky Is the World Initiative” (KIWI), which allows students to engage in international service learning experiences without leaving Kentucky.

“Young Kentuckians must experience the world in order to understand it,” pointed out KIWI director Dr. Mick Estrada, “Our great Commonwealth offers a wide variety of international-ish engaged service learning opportunities. Heck, the eastern part of Kentucky is practically the Third World. Why should we bother visiting some far away, dirty foreign country?” 

Dr. Wei-Ping Pan’s ICSET Chinese immigrant sweatshop at the Old Mall will serve as a model for KIWI. Students may select from a menu of local international service learning opportunities, including:

  • Apartheid and Race Discrimination Twenty Years On: An Experiential Learning Internship for Blacks (The Western™ Athletic Department)
  • Prostitution, Scourge of the Developing World: A First-Person Perspective for Kappa Delta and/or AGR Members Only (Woodford Avenue, Bowling Green, 11pm-3am Thursdays.)
  • Chinese Coal Industry Labor Markets: Hands-On Experience and Analysis (Darby Mine No. 1, Harlin County, KY)
  • Mexican Cartel Wars Workshop: Drug Interdiction Task Force Fellowship (Hazard County – unpaid)
The Politics of Castro's Cuba: Election Fraud Strategies and Techniques Webinar (The Western™ Clay County Extension Campus).




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