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Sept, 2010
Volume III, Issue 1

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“Gordon & Gordon Show” Turns Ugly After One Scottish Joke  Too Many

The “Gordon & Gordon Show” at this year’s Enhancing the Spirit Conference turned sour after the English-Scottish banter between the two Gordons escalated to untenable levels. What was intended as a lighthearted introduction to the plans of these incoming administrators erupted in violence after the seventy-third anti-Scottish jibe, in which Baylis proposed that Emslie would happily dig a new stadium if someone dropped a farthing down a rabbit hole. 

Instead of responding with a corresponding joke about English soullessness, Emslie pulled a sgian-dubh from his sock and stabbed Baylis in the stomach. Baylis then pulled a broken pint glass seemingly from thin air and sliced Emslie’s face. After Ransdell pulled the two men apart and calmed them down, they explained to a horrified audience that such violence was actually quite normal in the United Kingdom and that they both had tremendous respect for each others’ research.




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