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Sept, 2010
Volume III, Issue 1

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Special Bonus Feature

Just for you, our faithful online readers. No! No tree-killing for you. You positively spit on people who don't duplex their copies. You ruthlessly patrol the recycle bins in Tate Page Hall, making sure that cardboard doesn't get mixed with white paper. You care.

In your honor we present this special bonus feature. A word search just for you.



Receptacle Tip


All Goats Reamed 
Astrology Department
Badjunct Faculty
Big Red Tool
Digital Mismeasures
Faculty Handjobbook
General Miseducation
International Reacharound
Leadershit Studies
Quality Unhancement Plan
Spirits Are My Master
Student Disengagement
Embarrister Wilkins
Mental Masterbation Plan





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Receptacle Tip
Guthrie Tower To Be Sheathed
In Reservoir Tip

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